오렌지디지트코리아는 지난 2015년 4월 21일 중국출판수출입공사 – CNPIEC(와 양사간 디지털 출판산업 확장을 위하여

MOU(양해각서)를 체결하였다.

이날 CNPIEC와 오렌지디지트는 상생의 발전 방향을 모색하고 중국, 대한민국간 모바일 디지털 콘텐츠의 에코 시스템을 구축하고자 양사간 협의가 이루어졌다.

화기애애한 분위기에서 기술적인 부분에서 서비스 부분까지 많은 이슈에 대해서 논의하였으며, 양사는 서로의 발전 방향에 대해서 합의를 이루었다.

앞으로 오렌지디지트는 중국의 디지털 콘텐츠 시장의 교두보를 마련하게 되었으며, 이에 CNPIEC는 중국 시장의 진출기회를 제공하기로 약속하였다.

향후 오렌지디지트는 당사의 ViewPorter® 디지털 콘텐츠 플랫폼을 CNPIEC를 통하여 중국전역에 제공하여 시장 확대에 나설 계획이다.



CNPIEC 회사 소개

China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation (CNPIEC) is a large state-owned culture enterprise founded in 1949, the same year as the founding of the People’s Republic of China. In April 2002 it was incorporated into China Publishing Group Corporation as a member company. CNPIEC passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2009.
CNPIEC has always adhered to serving social economic construction and promoting Chinese culture “going global” through introducing international advanced technological and cultural achievement as our goal. It has formed its industrial structure pattern in fields of import of publications, export of publications, domestic and overseas exhibitions, overseas publishing, overseas outlets and other international operations, CNPIEC has become the largest and most competitive import and export enterprise of the Chinese publishing industry with total assets of 2.9 billion Yuan, operating revenue of 3 billion Yuan, and 42 branches at home and abroad.


Aiming to be the bridge of “letting China know the world”, CNPIEC is the largest importer of publications in terms of scope and titles, with two exclusive rights in audio-video product import business and the selling of imported newspaper and periodicals at foreign residence and office sites. It has domestic clients of more than 10,000 libraries, research institutes, academic institutions. Its imported publications covering 370,000 varieties which account for over 60% of the import market share in China, including newspapers, periodicals, books, documentations, audiovisual products, databases, e-books and other information materials from more than 10,000 publishing companies and academic institutions and social groups located in over 110 countries and regions worldwide.

As the driving force of the state’s going-out strategy in Chinese publishing industry, CNPIEC has formed it working system consisting of export of publications, exhibition organizing service, overseas publishing and overseas outlets, with its exporting publications covering more than 300,000 varieties, accounting for 30% of the export market share.
CNPIEC has been dedicated to the mission of developing the largest exhibition platform nationwide in the publishing industry. China Publication Expo International (International Expo Center of China Publishing Group Corporation) is the first professional organization specialized in international exhibition business in Chinese publishing field. Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), founded and organized by CNPIEC, has been successfully held for 19 sessions in 27 years. BIBF has become an important channel of culture exchange and a substantially influential gala in international book industry. Moreover, CNPIEC engaged itself in business of organizing Chinese delegations to attend international book fairs in twenty countries and regions, including Frankfurt Book Fair and London Book Fair.
Committed itself to international operation of the Chinese publishing industry, CNPIEC set up its first branch in early 1980s, it now has 26 overseas outlets, including 6 branch companies or offices in USA, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, Russia and Hong Kong, 8 publishing houses, 12 book stores and distribution companies, which formed the largest transnational sales network including import, export, publishing and distribution in the Chinese publishing industry.
With a good brand reputation, CNPIEC was rated as “Trustworthy Enterprises by the Customs of PRC” “National Advanced Collectives of Press and Publication” and “National Key Culture Export Enterprises” for several times. The first special bonded warehouse for imported publications in China was set up for CNPIEC under the approval of Beijing Customs authority in 2011. It’s appointed as the event organizer of Beijing International Book Fair, Guest of Honor collective activities in international book fairs, and the exclusive importer and contractor of the newsstand project for Beijing Olympic Games 2008, Shanghai World Expo 2010, Guangzhou Asian Games 2010, and Shenzhen Universiade 2011.
Following the guide direction of strategic goals of “modern, large scale, international publishing media group” proposed by China Publishing Group Corporation (CPG), CNPIEC is dedicated to building the leading all-media information service enterprise towards the direction of digital, diversification, professional, large scale, internationalization, through the implementation of publication import leadership strategy, publication export leadership strategy, digital service leadership strategy, exhibition service leadership strategy, international business development leadership strategy, maximization and support of asset efficiency strategy.